Noel's Restoratives Beard Oil

$ 24.95

Accept no other! The original Noel's Restoratives Beard Oil has been used and refined for over six decades and three generations within my family. This marvelous concoction utilizes grapeseed oil, a carrying oil with naturally astringent properties, to keep the skin under your beard both fed and free from blemishes; argan oil to keep your whiskers hydrated and pliable; jojoba, a liquid wax which closely resembles human sebum and extends the life of both your beard and the oil; sesame oil, a vitamin E rich oil which helps repair follicles and creates a thicker beard; and lastly, a secret blend of essential oils and fragrances.

The end result, with twice daily application, is a healthier, softer, thicker beard, and a soft skin underneath. As my gramps once said to me, "If you're going to grow one of these, and you ever want to steal a kiss, you're going to need this." 

Each bottle contains two fluid ounces of this fine substance.